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Imagine you’re around 25 or 30 years old. Most people are in the middle of their lives, discovering the business world, thinking about children and trying to settle all the time. What if you don’t want to live that ‘normal’ life? It doesn’t mean that you are different in a negative way. It makes you unique actually. I believe that people will be successful when they find a path that already exists, but when they light it by themselves in a different way.

So, in other words, try to find something you’re passionate about and find out of other people are interested in this too. When it’s a yes, try to be your unique self in any kind of way and start your own business! If not, still start your own business! Who is starting their own business will already take a risk anyway.

Lighting your own path is not time limited. Time is an amazing gift that we should cherish in every form. Imagine that you have time to work, love, live and enjoy. Time could be positive in many ways. It could be negative too, when you have to wait or when time is money.

Time scares people. That’s because they ‘don’t have enough time’. Bullshit. It’s not about the time you have, but the way you will fill in your time. You could fill in your years by laying on the ground, crying, struggling with your career or be unhappy in your relationship. That’s a waste of your time.

It’s all about being effective and enjoying every minute of your time. Be your own timekeeper, be timeless.

Tessa | Womanofwords.nl X

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